My name is Jodie Marshall.2015-01-04 21.01.57

I am a PhD student in Michigan State’s History Department.

My field of speciality is the history of Africa in the Indian Ocean. I am compelled by histories of connections, mobilities, and quotidian lives. My current research examines migration between Zanzibar and Oman during the twentieth century.

In my dissertation project, I use a combination of oral history interviews, archival documents, and privately held documents and materials to answer two central research questions: How did migrants’ actions create a transnational community? and how did changing laws, regimes, and economic situations over the course of the twentieth century affect migrant families?

For a more detailed account of my professional activities, see my CV, my LinkedIn Profile, or my department webpage.

Contact Me

Follow me on academia.edu 

Email: jodie.kay.marshall@gmail.com

Twitter: @jodiekmrshll

Image taken from dailymail.co.uk

Stone Town, Zanzibar.   Image taken from dailymail.co.uk

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